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Sue and Terry ay the Memorial Centre Famer’s Market

Sue and Terry ay the Memorial Centre Famer’s Market


It all started when…

The doctor told me I had some form of gastro intestinal disorder and further testing would be required to determine the exact nature of my disorder. He said that with a proper diagnosis he could give me a pill that would allow me to eat anything I wanted. I thanked him and changed my diet and ultimately my life.

Sue and I closed our business and became organic farmers and food processors. While setting up the farm eight years ago I was searching for a composting toilet to replace the aging outhouse and found Nature’s Head. The reviews were and are amazing so we bought one. After using the product for a couple of years I contacted Larry at Nature’s Head and became a distributor for eastern Canada. After six years of using and working with Nature’s Head I can say that the company and the product are excellent.

Nature’s Head is compact, relatively inexpensive, easy to install and maintain, has no odour and comes with a five year warranty on all the parts.

Aqua Terra Sol is a new initiative that speaks to the fundamentals of our existence and the need to look for sustainable solutions to everyday challenges. It is an easy argument to make that using six litres of potable water to flush human waste is crazy when you consider the fact that a large percentage of the worlds population struggles daily to find fresh water.

We will from time to time introduce new products that we feel balance our lifestyle needs with the needs of the planet.